A Style Lesson from Rachel Berry: Adorable knits to keep you warm this Winter

The thing with Rachel Berry is...

Lea Michele as Rachel in the Glee season 2 finale, wearing a vintage striped coat

you either love her or loathe her.

Personally, I think she's lovely.

I mean, sure, she's a little narcissistic and spoilt but you can't deny that she puts a really fun spin on winter fashion! Rather than just wearing block coloured, plain sweaters, Rachel nearly always experiments with prints and texture to add a bit of interest.

Seriously, the dog sweater... the reindeer sweater, Rachel might get teased at school for her cutesy outerwear but I think they're incredibly cute - and I'm not the only one. Google 'Rachel Berry sweaters' and you'll see thousands of shop-a-holics on the lookout for Little Miss Gold Star's winter wardrobe.

Rachel in a Corey Lynn Calter navy sweater:

The girls channel Rachel's style in JC Penney carousel horse sweaters:

Rachel in a nautical themed sweater from Forever 21:

The Forever 21 sweater is most definitely my favourite (not just because Lea Michele is making a funny face in the photo of it...although that did make me laugh, I have such a mature sense of humour).

Thankfully, Aussie retailers have gotten into the spirit of fun Winter wardrobes and incorporated cute prints and interesting textures into knitted sweaters and jackets:


Kitty Cat Motif Jumper - $49.95 ($20 off sale) from DottiLurex Stripe Jumper - $29.95 (sale) from Dotti

Check Mate Sweater - $65 from Princess PollyLambada Party Dress - $70 from Princess Polly

Multi Stripe Nana Cardi - $79.95 from Sportsgirl

- Jesie-A

PS. If you still don't believe that Rachel Berry/Lea Michele/ Glee in general is awesome, consider this my rebuttal:

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How can you listen to that and not feel 100x happier? Seriously, I'm grinning like a Chesire Cat.