A Bit of Mod, Glam and Tangerine: The Best of Sportsgirl's New Season Looks

It's time to say hello to the new line of an old favourite. Sportsgirl, of course.

Their new 2012 arrivals + summer styles are basically everything we love here at fashion musings:

1) Colour!! Oh goodie! We're talking BOLD colours, as in... tangerine and lemon. I do love citrus fruits.

2) Prints!! BOLD prints!

3) History!! .... umm. Well, we are self confessed nerds (only a little) and both Jesie and I quite like history so when we saw the amazing mod silouhettes of Sportsgirl's new shift dresses we practically melted.

4) Glamour! Again, this contributes to the whole bold thing going on, but the best bit is that the embellishments and sequins and such are in relatively small doses so you wont end up looking like a... I don't know. Shiny ornament of some sort?

5) Tame things! Ok I didn't really know how to phrase this in one or two words but basically, what I mean is that if you aren't into all this bold-ness then there also plenty of polka dots and neutrals to keep everyone happy.

So here are some images from their lookbook which will hopefully help you understand what I'm talking about:

I really really really love these dresses! They feel so much like summer!

Practically drooling over those pants.

This is what I mean about the subtle glamour! These could be worn casually, or dressed up for some fun party times. Also, kudos to those fish tails!

I wish I could see more of the dress, especially because I don't really like balloons unless we're re-living the glory days of 'don't let the balloon touch the ground,' but it looks rather nice from a distance.

And these here are just a few of my favourite I picked out:

1) Dip Colour Sweater -$59.95

2) Ponte Skater Skirt - $49.95

3) Stripy Sun Dress - $89.95

4) Madeline Pop Shift Dress - $79.95

5) Indian Summer Dress - $99.95

And Jes and I's shared favourite:

6) Miss Unkon Dream Weaver Dress - $60

Besides the fact that that Miss Unkon dress is such a nice colour we simply don't see enough of these days, the back is absolutely incredible:

Excuse me while I go and shottie it before Jes. :P Before I head off, I'll leave you with an image which is all kinds of amazing:

(Red Leather Shorts $129.95)

I'm pretty sure that's as bold as you can get.

- Varsh